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I am an effective, confident communicator with a proactive, results oriented approach.  I am well organized and able to work well in a variety of environments. I also bring a great deal of enthusiasm and as an advocate for equality, I am committed to creating collaborative working relationships which contribute to the modernization of business approaches and processes. Having recruited for high-growth start-ups, as well as large, high volume, growth companies I am ready for a new challenge.


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My advice to job seekers

Always be the best you, you can be. Don’t be afraid of interviews, remember, they go both ways. Know why you are applying to a particular company and position. Know your weaknesses as well as your strengths and be able to speak on both. Be able to logically explain your career path. Always remember, a CV’s purpose is to get you the interview, not the job!! Be honest, be positive, and don’t ever sell yourself short.



International Principal Recruiter

High-powered Principal Recruiter and Hiring Expert with over 9 years’ experience in recruiting, interviewing, presenting, sourcing, and hiring within niche markets. Proven results recruiting for international positions within a SaaS company and a solid understanding of the European market and how to effectively reach talent. Recruited for high-growth start-ups, as well as large, high volume, growth companies. Critical thinker with a keen analytic mind and a commitment to continuous education, research, and professional growth. Advanced communication, presentation and negotiation skills and the ability to convey complex information in an influential and informative manner.

International Recruiting
Passive Sourcing
Behavioral Based Interviewing
Negotiating Process

What Those I have worked with or for have to say:

A few candid comments .

A shoutout to Mark Davenport for filling a critical role in record time. Your remarkable attention to knowing Fusions needs and finding the absolute best talent to align with our business goals and culture is outstanding. Thank you for your unwavering commitment to the success of Fusion and your future teammates!

Katie Burgoon ~ Chief Human Resource Officer~ Fusion Risk Management

I would on behalf the EMEA sales team and me personally give a massive shout out to Mark D and the HR team who turned around a challenging hiring situation in the UK in a lightening fast time. Allowing us to onboard our key AE hires in the summer ready for Q4. Thanks a million Mark.

Leon Stevens ~ Chief Commercial Officer UK & EMEA~ Fusion Risk Management

Shoutout to Mark Davenport who presented an interactive training this week to the Flatiron School job seekers as part of our efforts for recruitment and DE&I partnerships.  He got rave reviews from the staff and students for his engaging and insightful advice!  Appreciate your contributions in and out of Fusion!

Victoria Price ~ Director, DE&I and Talent~ Fusion Risk Management

Would love to work together again. I appreciate your ability to relate to and understand the sales and GTM skillset. I feel like it’s not one that recruiters always have a good grasp on. 

Oliver Yu ~ Senior Vice President Revenue Operations~ Fusion Risk Management

It is rare to have an opportunity to work with an individual as skilled in presenting, educating, and mentoring as Mark. The depth of his character and the positive attitude and charisma he brings to his responsibilities daily was astounding.

Stephanie Hunter, M.B.A (She/Her) ~ Senior Sales Director- Google Cloud Team ~

He is not only a creative and enthusiastic speaker; he is a great team player and inspiring co-worker. His excellent interpersonal skills enable him to build strong relationships. I have never known Mark to refuse you when you ask him for help. If you need a highly committed professional, Mark is the right person.

Joe Oliver ~Talent Acquisition Guru | DEI Leader | Retired US Navy Veteran ~

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