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  1. The use of moderation and reasoning is quintessential in the mastery of the business leaders mind. By following these principles a leader can realize that only their thoughts and intentions are truly in their control and everything else is uncontrollable. There is an analogy, by Cato of Utica, that a stoic is like an archer who notches his arrow and draws his bow but must accept that once his arrow has flown it could be blown off course or its target could move. This is the stoic acceptance.

    This can also be put into the recruiting frame work. Only your actions and efforts are truly controllable, once the candidate has moved to the managers and deeper into the process there is little you can control. Honestly at that point there is little you should. You have done all you can do to find the best candidate and to work with the management on the correct fit. Recruiters do not hire people. Recruiters find the best fit for both sides of the coin. However, the business world tends to hold recruiters responsible for the success of the candidate once they become an employee. Bye that time the arrow had been launched and is in flight.

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